Fire on the Horizon Lyrics - Primal Fear

Primal Fear Nuclear Fire cover art
publisher: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
writers: Henrik Wolter, Klaus Sperling, Mat Sinner, Ralf Scheepers, Stefan Leibing
release date: 2000-12-16
genres: Rock
styles: Heavy Metal/Power Metal
length: 3:31
producer: Mat Sinner
vocal: Ralf Scheepers
engineer: Achim Koehler
background vocals: Mat Sinner
guitar: Henny Wolter and Stefan Leibing
drums (drum set): Klaus Sperling
bass guitar: Mat Sinner
There was no warning, no sign of danger
We saw smoke in the sky and fear in their eyes
We felt that something terrible'ld come
Saw a field of fire, we're under the gun

We could not believe
And pursued the scenery

Fire on the horizon
Fire on the horizon

We were encircled by machines never seen
Death on the horizon, they came out of the dawn
All forces in trouble, the nuclear weapons
Were everywhere seen, the state of emergency

Faith at the front
The invaders from beyond

Fire on the horizon
Fire on the horizon

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