Primal Fear - We Go Down Lyrics

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Bringin' down the enemy
To his final slaughter
Ain't got no mercy not at all
Livin' on our fantasy
They have killed our daughters
And now some heads are gonna fall

We're gonna kick'em
Up and down the battlefield
They're gonna feel
What we went through

We go down
Into the fire
We go down
Into the fire

Sticking to their agony
But knowing they won't make it
We bring this battle to an end
Fighting for our liberty
Getting independent
Let's spread this message to the land

We never let this happen once again
And now they've got
What they deserve

We go down
Into the
Fire we go down
Into the pke

Take'em down
To their final battlefield
Bring'em down
Take'em to the slaughter
Come on come on come on

We go down
Into the fire
We go down
Into the fire

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Countdown to Insanity
  • 2 Black Sun
  • 3 Armageddon
  • 4 Lightyears From Home
  • 5 Revolution
  • 6 Fear
  • 7 Mind Control
  • 8 Magic Eye
  • 9 Mind Machine
  • 10 Silence
  • 11 We Go Down
  • 12 Cold Day in Hell
  • 13 Controlled