Who Sang Dream Factory? Prince

Prince Crystal Ball cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Prince Rogers Nelson
release date: 1998-1-29
genres: Jazz Rock Funk / Soul Blues Pop
styles: Jazz-Funk/Funk
length: 3:07
This is what it's like in the Dream Factory, oh!

Hollyrock ain't all it seems (Lordy)
Don't get too serious, it's just a dream
Don't forget your friends, they're all you've got (Lordy)
Listen to the story of a man I am not

Party all night, hangin' out
In the streets more than I be at home
I take a pill to wipe away my doubts
But a pill can't cure my bein' alone
Vodka and seven straight to my brain
Put me under false impressions, hide all my pain
Somebody help me, I'm losing control

This is what it's like in the Dream Factory, oh!

Everybody got the big dreams (Hey Lordy)
But nobody got the bucks
Love and trust will help you make it in a world (Everybody)
Where there ain't no love, ain't no love

A man came up to me, smile in his eyes
He told me I was a saint
So I'm quittin' my friends much to their surprise
I can't live up to the picture that they paint
Ah somebody help me, I'm losing control (Ow!)

I guess I'm just a sucker in the dream factory, oh!

La, la, la, la, la (Sucker)
Got to drive
[Repeat: 3X]
(It's just a dream)
Look out

Do you want to party?
Do want a pill?
How about a false impression?
(Thrills, spills, chills)

This is what it's like in the Dream Factory, oh!

Ow! Yeah
Up a little bit
(Dream factory, oh)
Party all night, hang up on the side, I said "Uh"
(Do you want to party?)
I can't make up my mind
(How about a false impression?)
I can't seem to live with no pictures (Thrills, spills, chills)
Somebody got to help me! (Just a sucker)
I'm losing control (Just a sucker)
I guess I'm just a sucker in the dream factory, oh!

Guess I'm just a sucker in the dream factory, oh!
(Just a sucker, ************!)

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