Public Announcement - Man Ain't Supposed To Cry Lyrics

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writers: Feloney Davis
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genres: Hip Hop Funk / Soul
styles: Soul/RnB/Swing
length: 4:19
They say that a man
Ain't supposed to cry
But baby your tears I cry
PA sing it

They say a man ain't supposed to cry-y
(Baby, mmm-hmm)
They say a man ain't supposed to cry-y
(That's what they told me)
They say a man ain't supposed to cry-y
(Do you believe that, baby?)
They say a man ain't supposed to cry-y
(Hmm listen)

Reachin out with all my might
Cause I feel all the pain that you're goin thru baby
You need a man with sympathy
One like me don't mine cryin when ya feelin blue lady
I've got ya front when times are good
And your back when there're bad
Girl you don't have to worry
Let me work this out with you
Don't have to boo-hoo
Cause I'm the type of man that'll cry for you, yes I will

1 - They say a man ain't suppose to cry
But thru my eyes I'll cry you tears
Cause I feel the pain that you're goin thru
And I'm not afraid to say how can I help you baby

Repeat 1

Precious love one of a kind
You're the secret to my heart
It needs for ya, it fiends for ya
What's kind of different is that it bleeds for ya
I've gotta let you know by being real to ya baby
You see a tear you know that I'll cry for you baby
I don't worry about what no man has made
You got a strong man when he'll cry a tear or two for you (yeah, yeah)

Repeat 1 (2x)

When a man can reach down inside
And pull his emotions out with no lie
How many women out there understand
Just what goes on inside a real man
Staying true to all his values
And principles he learned long ago
Respecting that of a woman
Letting her know he'll cry a tear or two

Repeat 1 till end

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