Quasimoto - The Clown (Episode C) Lyrics

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(feat. Madlib)
If I could I'd buy records everyday of the week
But then I would have no money for when I'm with my freak
Fuckin with these records I ain't never going to sleep
But that's how it is when you're into this shit
Want this
Paying 60 dollars for a simple drum lick
What about your beat
Spending 2 hours looking for a certain kick
I ain't about to buy a beat man
I can't even find a disk man to sell it
Man, what the fuck
I make beats everyday of the week
I used to listen to the "Sound of the Zeekers"
Rock and Roll
Now I'm over here on smashing your speakers
Boss 303
MP 1200
MPC 4000
Do my loop dumping
You know how it goes
Really, really y'all know how it goes
Music taking over your body
Beat taking over your soul
I be passing up parties, quit parties
But never passing a bowl
Pass me that weed
Psychedelic record covers
Jazz standards
Funk soul
That's a choir
Eletronic patterns
It's the raw addict
My A is tape comfort over ill record static
Oh, oh, oh addict
Ya'll better scram like I'm Broadway Sam
Well I say
Don't curse me, that's gods way man
The ill loop digga
Catch me in your record place
Let a nigga dig
Give a pound
Respect the bass