Who Sang Winki's Theme? Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah Black Reign cover art
writers: Clifford Jordan, Dana Owens
release date: 1993-11-16
genres: Hip Hop
styles: Conscious
length: 5:30
producer: Queen Latifah
piano: Gordon Chambers
lead vocals: Queen Latifah
mixer: Ron Allaire and Patrick Dillett
arranger: Kevin Batchelor, Gordon Chambers, Queen Latifah and Kim Clark
trombone: Clark Gayton
horn arranger: Clark Gayton and Kevin Batchelor
bass guitar: Kim Clark
drums (drum set): Kendu Dickens
writer: Clifford Jordan, Queen Latifah
(talk) This jam is dedicated to my brother Winki who is looking down on me from
Heaven Watching my every move as usual....

There but for the grace of god do I go do I go
There but for the grace of God do I go do I go-go
I'm trying to take my time on this rhyme

But it's bustin from the seems
Like a fantasy and eagerness of dreams
I'm moving all around
Oh yes,I'm making leaps an bounds
There's so much **** to say, no time to write it down
I'm skippin' to this and skippin' to that
I've overflowed my cup.
I'm flowin' kind of quick I hope you can keep up
Every ain't cool just cause you slap me on my hand
There're things about all of ya'll have got to understand
Latifah- never was a teacher
Never was a preacher
Never was a saint
Never was conceited
Never was defeated
Sometimes I get tired sometimes I want to faint.
But I never shut up when things piss me off
And if I got to curse at you to get my point across
That's what I got to do that's how it's got to be
I've got an angel watching over me

(chorus) 2 times
The Lord is the light of my life and he brightens up my world
Yes he did, yes he did
The Lord is the light of my life and he brightens up my world
You don't hear me
Lord is the light of my life and he brightens up my world, world,world,world
The light of my world, my world- AHHHHH yes he did...............

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