Who Sang Rain Must Fall? Queen

Queen The Miracle cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
writers: Brian Harold May, Freddie Mercury, John Richard Deacon, Roger Meddows Taylor
release date: 1989-5-22
genres: Electronic Rock
styles: Hard Rock/Pop Rock/Classic Rock
length: 4:24
producer: Queen and David Richards
lead vocals: Freddie Mercury
engineer: David Richards
recording engineer: Gordon Vicary and Kevin Metcalfe
background vocals: Freddie Mercury
guitar: Brian May and John Deacon
keyboard: Freddie Mercury and John Deacon
drums (drum set): Roger Taylor
bass guitar: John Deacon
assistant engineer: Claude Frider, Angelique Cooper, Justin Shirley‐Smith, John Brough, Andrew Bradfield and Andy Mason
electronic drum set: Roger Taylor
drums (drum set) programming: Roger Taylor
writer: Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon, Roger Taylor
I can see it in your stars
Life is so exciting
Acting so bizarre
Your world is so inviting
Playing really cool
And looking so mysterious - honey
Your every day is full of sunshine
But into every life a little rain must fall
No problem
Uh, be cool now

Anyone who imagines
They can blind you with science
Bully you all over
With property and finance
But you have position
To call the shots and name the price - honey
You found success and recognition
But into every life a little rain must fall
Flo Jo

You lead a fairy tale existence
But into every life a little rain must fall
Be cool, ha, kiss kiss

Others seem to think
You are over dramatizing
Problems at work
So it's hardly surprising
There's little you can do
To alter their opinions - honey
You want a clean reputation
But now you're facing complications
'Cause into every life a little rain must fall
Be cool, get serious, wooh, alright

Play it nice and cool
Play it nice and cool, yeah
Chase me
Oh, one more time, ha ha, I like it
Leave 'em there

CD 1
  • 1 Party
  • 2 Khashoggi’s Ship
  • 3 The Miracle
  • 4 I Want It All
  • 5 The Invisible Man
  • 6 Breakthru
  • 7 Rain Must Fall
  • 8 Scandal
  • 9 My Baby Does Me
  • 10 Was It All Worth It
  • 11 Hang On in There
  • 12 Chinese Torture
  • 13 The Invisible Man (12″ version)