Who Sang Killer Girls? Quiet Riot

Quiet Riot Quiet Riot II cover art
publisher: ©FAMA MUSIC
writers: Kevin Dubrow, Randy Rhoads, Ron Sobol
release date: 1978
genres: Rock
styles: Hard Rock
length: 4:50
producer: Warren Entner and Lee DeCarlo
lead vocals: Kevin DuBrow
mixer: Lee DeCarlo
engineer: Cary Pritikin and Lee DeCarlo
guitar: Randy Rhoads
drums (drum set): Drew Forsyth
writer: Randy Rhoads, Kevin DuBrow, Ron Sobol
[Verse 1]
The chicks in the town been runnin' around
Their on the loose
Legs are spread for freedom for bread
Their on the loose
Can't get enough to satisfy their lust
On the loose

Killer girls waitin' in line for me
Blood thirsty, get home in time for tea
Killer girls for all you boys to see
Easy action, get what you want for free

[Verse 2]
Never easy, got a stick shift disease
Turn me loose
I'll hypnotized when they give me the eye
Turn me loose
In their disguise I see murder and lies
Turn me loose


[Verse 3]
Killer girls in a frenzy on me
I got no more juice
Take my advice, you'd better think twice
No more juice
They'll hump and bump you, forget your name
Ya got more juice


Killer girls
Killer girls
Killer girls
Killer girls
Killer girls (oh)
Killer girls
Killer girls
Killer girls

Vinyl 1
  • 1 Slick Black Cadillac
  • 2 You Drive Me Crazy
  • 3 Afterglow (Of Your Love)
  • 4 Eye for an Eye
  • 5 Trouble
  • 6 Killer Girls
  • 7 Face to Face
  • 8 Inside You
  • 9 We've Got the Magic