Forever Lyrics - R. Kelly

R. Kelly Chocolate Factory cover art
publisher: ©Peermusic Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Charles Harmon, Claude Kelly, Ella Mcmahon, Komei Kobayashi Beni
release date: 2003-2-17
genres: Hip Hop Funk / Soul
styles: RnB/Swing/Pop Rock
length: 4:07
additional performer: Hart Hollman
producer: R. Kelly
conductor: Paul Riser
orchestra: The Motown Romance Orchestra
mixer: Ian Mereness
recording engineer: Abel Garibaldi, Andy Gallas, Ian Mereness and Carl Robinson
arranger: R. Kelly
guitar family: Greg Landfair
additional keyboard: Rodney East
programming: Andy Gallas, Abel Garibaldi and Ian Mereness
bass & guitar family: Donnie Lyle
additional recording engineer: Carl Robinson
horn arranger & strings arranger: Paul Riser
co mixer: R. Kelly
orchestrator: Paul Riser
assistant mixer co mixer: Jason Mlodzinski
lyricist: R. Kelly
composer: R. Kelly
Baby I have something that I want to ask you Baby so sit back and listen
Hey beloved we are here, to joy each other hand and hand, no more playing house
No, cause I want to make it real do you understand, to have and to hold
Until death do us part no one no one could ever interrupt the beats of our
Heart cause this is gonna last

Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever
And ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever

Now there is no one here to speak out and interrupt this ceremony ah baby yeah
(baby just say) all you got to do is say you love me, say that you love me and
We will walk and we will walk down the aisle watching our people smile, flowers
Are everywhere, nothing else can compare, girl you got the kind of love that
Makes a man like me want to settle down a picket fence and a house yeah


Girl I'm down on my knees what's its gonna be, what's its gonna be, what's it's
Gonna be, (talk to me) what's it's gonna be, what's it's gonna be, what's gonna
Be (2 words yeah )what's it's gonna be what's gonna be, baby you and me, baby
You and me, baby you and me, baby you and me oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh


Forever baby, you and me baby, I will be your man you will be my lady, we'll
Walk hand and hand side by side, I will be the perfect groom you're the perfect
Bride would you just think about it baby, think about it baby, you and me will
Be together girl rain, sleet, snow no matter what the weather just think about
It baby, think about it girl we'll be making love for eternity raise a family
Girl I'll on my knees, say marry me, (Marry me) marry me(cause I love you baby
Marry me),marry me (there's no other baby) marry me, (for you baby) marry me
(said a picket fence), marry me,(a dog and a house) marry me (about 12 kids)
You cooking me breakfast in the morning and I'm taking the garbage out marry me
Marry me, marry me, marry me, marry me, marry me,marry me, marry me, marry me,
Marry me, marry me, marry me, marry me, marry me

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