Ragnarok - The Heart of Satan Lyrics

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Pallid of death, demon faces the heart of Satan
Screams of bestial voices
Comes from somewhere beyond

The moon is borned by a evening red
It rise with heart of Satan
The nightside creatures
Hidden in the shadow of the moon

It's like the dead arise
Demon faces, pure of evil
Blood is life...
Blood is life for them who serve Satan

Blood, sex and mysteries in the name of Satan
For humans just tales made from a mad man's mind

But for humans are blinded by these things
They cannot see the truth
They are Satan's heartbeat on earth
And his heart will beat eternally

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 It's War
  • 2 Nocturnal Sphere
  • 3 Diabolical Age
  • 4 Certain Death
  • 5 The Heart of Satan
  • 6 Devestated Christ
  • 7 The Key Is Turned for the 7th Time
  • 8 Postludium