Who Sang Another Night? Rancid

Rancid Rancid cover art
release date: 1993-5-10
genres: Rock
styles: Hardcore/Punk
length: 1:53
producer: Donnell Cameron
vocal: Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman
background vocals: Brett Reed
guitar: Tim Armstrong
drums (drum set): Brett Reed
bass guitar: Matt Freeman
writer: Matt Freeman, Tim Armstrong
in the dark with the okland skyline
as i cross the city i avoid the landlines
all i wanna do is make it through without dying
all i wanna do is keep on trying
another night
in the streets for me
another night
no sanctuary
another night
come and watch me bleed
another night
in the streets for me
she wouldnt move until the coast
was clear
she always knew the final battle was near
if you have a bag of dope she give it up for free
if you got a song of hope it will help her see

CD 1
  • 1 Adina
  • 2 Hyena
  • 3 Detroit
  • 4 Rats in the Hallway
  • 5 Another Night
  • 6 Animosity
  • 7 Outta My Mind
  • 8 Whirlwind
  • 9 Rejected
  • 10 Injury
  • 11 The Bottle
  • 12 Trenches
  • 13 Holiday Sunrise
  • 14 Unwritten Rules
  • 15 Union Blood
  • 16 Get Out of My Way