Clipped Lyrics - Rasputina

Rasputina Cabin Fever! cover art
release date: 2002-4-9
length: 2:52
It hurts me still.
It really stings.
They clipped my wings.

What could I do?
Everything's new.
How my knees lock.
How will I walk?

Now that they're gone
I feel strong.
I say Oooh...
They did get in my way
I will learn to walk today

I cast aside
My downy pride.
All heaven's things
They clipped my wings.

I have heard how God sings.
Ooo, they clipped my wings.

Oh, the sadness that it brings.
I will try to act like it's ok.
Oh, they clipped my wings.

So, I must learn to walk today.
Oh, they clipped my wings.

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