Incapable Of Regret Lyrics - Rasputina

Rasputina Oh Perilous World cover art
release date: 2007-6-26
genres: Electronic Rock Classical
styles: Alternative Rock/Punk
length: 2:03
I am incapable of regret
I still want what I tried to get
I've been a warmonger for so long
I try to admit I'm wrong, but yet
I am incapable of regret

I am incapable of restraint
I have never been called a saint
I've been a harbinger of a hell
I did my best to tell you of
When I feel hatred, it's rather like love

If you take your hands off the bicycle seat
You're unable to ride the bike
You ask yourself, "Is she serious?"
I say, "Yeah, you bet your life."
My loathing obscures my pain, my arrogance and disdain
From one man, life and living souls
These are the feelings I choose to expose

I spend a lot of ?? find someone to fight them with all
Though I don't have time to, I've got a mind to
Teach you what love really is, oh
When you have ? under the gun, sir, then you can criticize
But until then, I'll say it again, you can't see a soul behind my eyes

I am incapable of regret
I still want what I tried to get
I court no popularity
Nor do I receive any
I am incapable of regret

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