Who Sang The Hammer? Ray Boltz

Ray Boltz Moments for the Heart cover art
writers: Ray Boltz, Steve Millikan
release date: 2001
genres: Pop
styles: Religious/Contemporary
length: 4:22
I was in the crowd the day that Jesus died,
and as he hung upon the cross, his mother cried.
I saw the crown of thorns he wore, the stripe upon his back,
and as the water and the blood ran out, then the sky turned black.

My mind was filled with anger, my heart was filled with shame.
This man brought only healing; who could bring him pain?
Why does it seem the strong always victimize the weak?
Suddenly I found myself, standing to my feet.

And I cried:
"Who nailed him there? This child of peace and mercy?"
"Who nailed him there? Come and face me like a man."
"Who nailed him there?" Then the crowd began to mock me.
I cried "Oh my God, I just don't understand!"
Then I turned and saw the hammer in my hand.

I am just a Roman soldier, an ordinary man.
I love my wife and children, I do the best I can.
How can I have killed him? There must be someone else.
There's got to be an answer. I just can't blame myself.

Repeat Refrain

"I nailed him there! This child of peace and mercy!"
"I nailed him there! I am the guilty man!"
"I nailed him there, with my sins and my transgressions!"
I cried "O my God, now I understand!'
When I turned and saw the hammer in my hand.

spoken: [Surely this man was the Son of God]

CD 1
  • 1 Thank You (for Giving to the Lord)
  • 2 The Altar
  • 3 Here Comes a Miracle
  • 4 The Hammer
  • 5 Watch the Lamb
  • 6 Shepard Boy
  • 7 Always Be a Child
  • 8 Let's Begin Again
  • 9 I Will Praise the Lord
  • 10 Feel the Nails
  • 11 Take Up Your Cross

  • 1 I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb
  • 2 What If I Give All
  • 3 The Storm / The Anchor Holds
  • 4 One Drop of Blood
  • 5 Dare to Believe
  • 6 Seasons Change
  • 7 At the Foot of the Cross
  • 8 For Only One
  • 9 God Gave Me Back Tomorrow
  • 10 I Think I See Gold
  • 11 Is There a Heaven for Me
  • 12 The Sinner's Prayer
  • 13 There Stood a Lamb