Rick Ross - Billionaire Lyrics

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Yeah, trilla, feels good baby
I done took over the game *****,
Hoppin' out the Bugati with my belly's? on
No underwear *****, my jeans tight fitted to *****
Jay-Z what up nigg!
Uh, yeah
Let me **** with 'em right now

*****s want to kidnap (kidnap),
Leave me in the trunk, walk away with big stacks (big stacks)
They jealous of the fortune,
The glitz and the fame my cocaine mortgage,
In the game like tony parker,
Snow white range and my partner pocket,
I'm back on them things that's my only problem,
Homie I put that only mamma
Still rollin' with the 45th now that I'm rich got these broke *****s so sick,
And my daughters college pre paid, she straight,
Say thanks to the d game!, in that phantom on that tupac,
Ridin' through the ghetto like I'm lookin' for a new spot, naww
But I'm well established, I **** with heroin cause it sells the fastest

I'm a ride bout mine, and I wouldn't tell a lie,
Take it out of town go and get my money right.
And if it ain't bout cash, I don't really care
I'm straight 'bout cash, I'm a hood billionaire
I'm straight 'bout cash, I'm a hood billionaire
I'm straight 'bout cash, I'm a hood billionaire
If it ain't 'bout cash I don't really care,
I'm straight 'bout cash,
I'm a hood billionaire.

Uh, boss
A ***** try to stick me,
Just cause you **** me don't mean you can kiss me,
Nah I only **** with the O.G.'s,
The ones that won't turn you in to the police,
On the run throw ***** four keys
I.d.'s, passports it was so sweet (they lookin' baby!)
Front yard still a carshow, Bugati, the gati and my rocko
I won't let the roof up, kingdom come, prince is a?
To be loved, to be loved, oh what a feeling for me to be loved
Haters want to murder me and I can smell a hit,
So it's music to my ears every time I feel a clip,
I'm a card shark up in a hard rock, twenty grand a hand baby jam in the Ipod?


Hit a hundred grand in a day damn
Whip that white girl just like k-fed
Got me a white girl, I **** till her face red,
Yeah her food tastes bad, but she givin' great head,
Please let me say that, I really love a fat ***
I really love her credit send her to the dealership, and she can she can get it
My heart in the ghetto, I'm married to the projects
I ride with AR, in case a ***** start ****


Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Trilla (intro)
  • 2 All I Have in This World (Japanese Denim)
  • 3 The Boss
  • 4 Speedin’
  • 5 We Shinin’
  • 6 Money Make Me Cum
  • 7 DJ Khaled (interlude)
  • 8 This Is the Life
  • 9 This Me
  • 10 Here I Am
  • 11 Maybach Music
  • 12 Billionaire
  • 13 Luxury Tax
  • 14 Reppin My City
  • 15 I’m Only Human
  • 16 Ridin' Thru The Ghetto (iTunes Bonus Track)
  • 17 Sunglasses (iTunes Bonus Track)