Eclipse Lyrics - Robyn

Robyn Robyn cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Klas Frans Ahlund
release date: 2005
genres: Electronic Non-Music Pop
styles: Broken Beat/Hip Hop/Interview/Electro/Downtempo/Synth-pop
length: 3:30
producer: Klas Åhlund
double bass: Georg Riedel
mixer: Klas Åhlund and Janne Hansson
recording engineer: Janne Hansson and Klas Åhlund
grand piano: Björn Yttling
There's an eclipse in your eye
Where I used to shine
Every secret untold
Is a planet aligned
Don't need prophets or preachers
To make sense of the signs
When the buried and hidden can
Be seen by the blind

You're right
Some words are just unspoken
So right
Then it all just falls apart

The day I break your heart

I caught my reflection
In the corner of your eye
You said "Don't even ask the question,
And I won't tell the lie"
Where there's no accusation
There's no need for denial
And if you hadn't heard that whisper
There'd be no tear to
Wipe from your eye


The day I break your heart

Never took no advice
Not the foolish, not the wise
All the truth that I needed
Was right there in your smile
Every prophecy written of
What's going to be
All beginnings and
Endings, they're about
You and me

[Chorus: x2]

The day I break your heart

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