Rock ā€™nā€™ Roll Worship Circus - Your Crown Lyrics

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You are with me
When I fall
You fall down with me

Through the shine
I will go
To the high
From the lowest low
I know

When I see Your crown
I will lay mine down
And I will go to the place
I have found
Where I can move Your heart
With sound

My Beloved
You are here
You will always be

Through the cloud
There's a glow
You will shine
Like the brightest star
Already are

(repeat chorus)

Lala lala la la...

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Loving You
  • 2 Party Song
  • 3 Blood of Jesus
  • 4 Glorify the Son
  • 5 Your Crown
  • 6 Come to the Father
  • 7 Come On Get Down
  • 8 Ride
  • 9 Open the Gates
  • 10 The Undiscovered
  • 11 Everybody Awake
  • 12 Telephone
  • 13 We Sing Glory