Who Sang Runaway? Rockapella

release date: 1992-5-21
length: 2:52
Reiko Yukawa and Tadao Inoue, English lyric Ralph McCarthy)

* Runaway, you don't have to go home
Baby stay, don't you leave me alone
We'll find a better world
Oh who cares what people say?
Kiss the bad times goodbye, runaway

On the dirty city streets
In your tattered jeans
Like an angel lost in the wilderness
When our eyes met I knew
My mind was set on you
My poor heart was beating me half to death

* Repeat

I could leave this heartless town
Nothing stopping me
Go with you as far as we could go
It's a cold and lonely world
Need you to hold me girl
Baby, you're no longer on your own

* Repeat

Kiss the bad times goodbye, runaway

CD 1
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  • 2 Candy
  • 3 Diamonds
  • 4 Funky Monkey Baby
  • 5 Ellie My Love
  • 6 Runaway
  • 7 Make It a Slow Boogie
  • 8 No No Boy
  • 9 Won't Be Long
  • 10 Riverside Hotel
  • 11 Olivia (I'm Listening)
  • 12 Tokyo Yo-Yo