Rolf Harris - I've Lost My Mummy Lyrics

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writers: Rolf Harris
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length: 2:45
Just like the inside of any big shop,
people were everywhere,
Suddenly business was brought to a stop
when a terrible yell hit the air...

I've lost my mummy, a-ha-ha-haaaa,
I've lost my mummy.
[deep, indrawn sob]
I've lost my mummy, a-ha-ha-haaaa,
I've lost my mummy!
ub, ub hup ub hup hup ub hup hup ub.

People all gathered to look at the lad,
patted him on the head.
[Woman] Where was your mummy, when you saw her last?
Turning to her the boy said...

[repeat chorus]

Down came the manager to fix up the mess,
took the small boy aside,
[Manager] Come on now lad, let's have your name and address,
With a lungful of air he replied...

[repeat chorus]

Well just then his mother appeared on the spot,
gave him a hefty whack [sound of smack]
[Mother] That oughta teach you to go and get lost!
and the little boy's voice floated back...

I've FOUND my mummy, a-ha-ha-haaaa,
I've found my mummy.
[deep, indrawn sob]
I've found my mummy, a-ha-ha-haaaa,
I've found my mummy!
No mummy, I don't want to go, no mummy I don't want to, no mummy!


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