Almost Real Lyrics - Rollins Band

Rollins Band The End of Silence cover art
release date: 1992-2-25
genres: Rock
styles: Stoner Rock/Post-Punk/Noise/Grunge
length: 8:06
membranophone: Sim Cain
vocal: Henry Rollins
guitar: Chris Haskett
bass guitar: Andrew Weiss
writer: Henry Rollins, Chris Haskett, Andrew Weiss, Sim Cain
I looked deep into your eyes
Saw men lying broken
Shattered at the bottom of your well
You took their simple affection
Turned it into bad infection
Sent them packing straight to hell
I see waht sweats you
Reality threatens you
You can磘 hide yourself from me
When you see the one that sees thru you - It磗 me

Canine men
Fighting, lying, trying to be the one
That gets to feel your touch
I see them lined up like broken heroes
Spitting out pieces of their broken luck
I guess I磛e got good sense and hindsight
Because to me it never meant that much
When you see the one that laughs at you - It磗 me

Wasted time spent thinking about you
You know I磛e come to hate myself
Smahing my hands against the wall
Trying to forget the foolih way I felt
You磖e so kind when it serves you well
Your cruelty

No more trying
No more lying
No more messing around with my mind
I磎 going, I磎 gone

Because now I see you
You must think I磎 blind
When you need those arms around you
You won磘 find my arms around you

When you see the one that sees thru you
When you see the one that laughs at you - It磗 me

CD 1
  • 1 Low Self Opinion
  • 2 Grip
  • 3 Tearing
  • 4 You Didn't Need
  • 5 Almost Real
  • 6 Obscene
  • 7 What Do You Do
  • 8 Blues Jam
  • 9 Another Life
  • 10 Just Like You