Brother Interior Lyrics - Rollins Band

Rollins Band Get Some Go Again cover art
release date: 2000-2-29
genres: Rock
styles: Alternative Rock/Hard Rock/Rock & Roll/Punk
length: 5:39
electric guitar & piano: Jim Wilson
drums (drum set): Jason Mackenroth
bass guitar: Marcus Blake
lead vocals: Henry Rollins
writer: Henry Rollins, Jim Wilson, Marcus Blake, Jason Mackenroth
The lonely path I walk
To the end of the line
Let all my dreams be yours
Your nightmares mine

I call your name out
So I know I'm not alone
The brother interior
Inside my soul you're sewn
I won't be calling for long

Deep in my coma
Darkness is all I see
In the shadow of death
You light a way for me

My only brother
Why did you have to die?
You're always shining
The brightest star in the sky
I won't be crawling for long

Every day is a blessing
Every day I learn
Every night is a mission
And every time it's a lesson that burns

I now something better waits for me
'Til then I live in memories
I won't be burning for long

CD 1
  • 1 Illumination
  • 2 Get Some Go Again
  • 3 Monster
  • 4 Love's So Heavy
  • 5 Thinking Cap
  • 6 Change It Up
  • 7 I Go Day Glo
  • 8 Are You Ready?
  • 9 On the Day
  • 10 You Let Yourself Down
  • 11 Brother Interior
  • 12 Hotter and Hotter
  • 13 L.A. Money Train