Hard Lyrics - Rollins Band

Rollins Band Hard Volume cover art
release date: 1989
genres: Rock
styles: Alternative Rock/Hardcore/Punk
length: 4:07
membranophone: Sim Cain
lead vocals: Henry Rollins
mixer: Rae DiLeo
recording engineer: Rae DiLeo
guitar: Chris Haskett
percussion: Sim Cain
bass guitar: Andrew Weiss
writer: Henry Rollins, Chris Haskett, Andrew Weiss, Sim Cain
And it's hard to get thru
It's hard to hear me
When I'm talking to you
You see these hard eyes
You know what I mean
These eyes got hard
After what they've seen

I'm that hard man
So good to find
I'm that hard man
With an iron mind

I got hard
I stayed hard
Can't keep me down
Because I'm hard
I keep moving because I'm hard
I keep burning because I'm hard

I'm going over
Not getting by
Hard sense makes sense

Real pain is what I reach
The real this is what I keep
I am because I'm hard
I will because I'm hard

CD 1
  • 1 Hard
  • 2 What Have I got
  • 3 I Feel Like This
  • 4 Planet Joe
  • 5 Love Song
  • 6 Turned Inside Out
  • 7 Down and Away
  • 8 Joy Riding With Frank