Farewell Lyrics - RPWL

RPWL God Has Failed cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Chris Postl, Juergen Lang, Karlheinz Wallner
release date: 2000-9-18
genres: Rock
styles: Prog Rock
length: 5:51
Grey stars loose their light before I turned
The present to the past
Screaming children make me wonder
Where all expressions laid
A preacher's fairy-tale that makes me cry
Before I say "good-bye"
To the lonely Kings and Queens
With their lonely eyes

Remember all the time when life
Was only china in our hands
And all the sunflakes in our hearts
They turned to tears of endless seas
Today's no longer real, the time has changed
The sun will rise again
Like the lonely Kings and Queens
I'll off my fears away…

When the Master calls,
Don't be afraid to say "Farewell"
Close your petrified eyes

Now you're on your own,
Tonight I cannot help you anymore
Never wake and makes me wonder
Questions holding me laid
The preacher's fairy-tale that made me
Cry before I say "good-bye"?
Like the lonely Kings and Queens,
With their lonely eyes

And when the Master calls,
Don't be afraid to say "Farewell"

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