Kickin' In Lyrics - SHeDAISY

SHeDAISY FortuneTeller’s Melody cover art
release date: 2006-3-14
length: 4:06
You and I we started out
I thought that we were cool
You took the time, you read my mind
There's nothin' you wouldn't do, yeah
I give, you take
I got news we're gonna break

Is it kickin' in
Yeah, my nerves are raw
And you're wearin' thin
Is it kickin' in
I know I've said it before
You won't play me again
I'm not a freak show, eat crow
kind of thing
I can suck it up or spit you out
So take your best swing
I'm gonna jump right off of this sinkin' ship
Are you feelin' me yet
Is it kickin' in

One day you might discover that I used to care
I'll be that speck in your rear view mirror
Look back, but just don't stare, yeah
Oh well, too bad.
I'm the best you ever had


I give you take
I got news we're gonna break
Oh, well too bad
I'm the best you ever had

Is it kickin' in
I'm not gonna break
I'm not gonna bend
Is it kickin' in
It's the same old lies
So this is goodbye


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