Saga - Son Of Britain Lyrics

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From the once so Great Britain, a warrior came to us. He brought us Blood & Honour, The man that we all trust. Ian Stuart has now fallen, but his music still lives on. So it will continue, when all the filth has gone.

Our ranks are filled with comrades, marching down the street. We are hunting down the enemy, let's force them to retreat! Ian Stuart is still marching, walking by our side. His music is still clear and loud, his spirit full of pride!

Ian Stuart's weapon, was his battle songs. His music filled my backbone, and there it still belongs. A messenger of justice, a man who made us see eternal laws of nature in the songs for you and me.

When the new empire rises, we wont forget the man, who took a stand for Europe, when everybody ran. Fulfilment of his mission is now our destiny - To purify our nations, and to set our people free.

Track Listing
  • 1 Son of Britain
  • 2 Tomorrow Belongs to Me
  • 3 Triumph of the Will
  • 4 Rising
  • 5 Hail Victory
  • 6 Where Has Justice Gone
  • 7 Klansmen Song
  • 8 Land of Ice
  • 9 Our Time Will Come
  • 10 Showdown
  • 11 Mr 9 to 5
  • 12 46 Years
  • 13 Europe Awake
  • 14 Patriot
  • 15 Gone With the Breeze
  • 16 Red Flags Are Burning
  • 17 Memory