Saint Etienne - Just a Little Overcome 歌詞

Space exploration is a noble thing
It's a noble thing if we'd only try
Arranging mountains is just mud and water
It's just mud and water and the passing of time

Just a little
High on a hillside
With the sun in my eyes
Just a little
Free from the city
With the snow at my side

Walked the street as it becomes a river
And the cars are shining in the morning sun
Travel sideways till the
And all those rocket men days are over and done


CD 1
  • 1 Late Morning
  • 2 Heart Failed (in the Back of a Taxi)
  • 3 Sycamore
  • 4 Don't Back Down
  • 5 Just a Little Overcome
  • 6 Boy Is Crying
  • 7 Aspects of Lambert
  • 8 Downey, CA
  • 9 How We Used to Live
  • 10 The Place at Dawn