Sam Sparro - Hot Mess Lyrics

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I know you fancy yourself as a sexy *****,
Its in the way that you walk,
And do ya kiss ya mumma with those expensive gifts?
You sure got expensive talk,
Well your livish live and your booty-lisius
But not perticually lean nutrishus,
But you need it,
Don't ya baby?
But your nothing with out them gazes,
Babe I love you,
But your strangers,
Now c'mon you a con, you amazing,
Your amazing,
[end of chorus]
And you work so hard just to shake your shackles,
But when you need a tea,
Now every one knows ya, they all talkin',
But not favourable please,
Your like a billivion from the never,
You just might see things a little clearer,
And you wonder why the people can't stop lookin'?
Its exactly what you want us to do,
Well every ones serching for that one hot baby,
But we all gotta gotta gotta find a piece of you,
Youra hot hot mess,
[end repeats]

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