Sasha - Everybody Loves You Lyrics

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Music: Michael B. & di Lorenzo
Lyrics: Michael B., di Lorenzo & Pete Smith

Verse 1
You're part of some heaven, but you're feeling like hell.
an interesting ideal for someone to sell.
You're high on your profile (but you) wanna lay low.
You're living the lifestyle right here on public show,
In control, so smile as they come and go and¡­

Everybody loves you
for every single step you take
and everybody knows you
for every single word you say
and you know that it is true
no one knows you better than you do

Verse 2
One look in the mirror (and tell me) what do you see?
A person quite ordinary that you used to be
A little more make-up will help to erase
Enough of the memories you need to play the game,
all the same, everyday in your own way and¡­


Could you throw a shadow?
(There's a dark side to us all)
Would we see you cry?
(No, I've never stopped and tried)
Surrounded by good intentions
(But you're still misunderstood)
Remember who you'll leave behind¡­


Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Rooftop
  • 2 Blown Away
  • 3 Turn It Into Something Special
  • 4 One Look in Your Eyes
  • 5 Here She Comes Again
  • 6 Everybody Loves You
  • 7 On and On
  • 8 Let´s Get Closer
  • 9 Just a Second Away
  • 10 Drive My Car
  • 11 Days Like These
  • 12 Why Does Everybody Hurt