Who Sang One? Scarface

Scarface The Diary cover art
publisher: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Brad Jordan, Michael Poye, Marcus Vest
release date: 1994-10-18
genres: Hip Hop
styles: Gangsta/Conscious
length: 4:44
producer: Mike Dean
I finally figured it out that haters' mouths is used for suckin'

You *****s paper weights
y'all don't want to **** with the great
Fakin' moves like you wantin' somethin' get it straight
Cause one mistake'll get this ************ aired out
You *****s better recognize this is Brad's house
I put the mic down to give you other rappers a chance
But all you *****s want to write about is dance
I tell another ***** 'bout your mama
So I'll be forced to bring you back the raw ****
The hardships of growin' up
Stuck in the hood
Broke as ****, out to hustle
Facin life struggle
And havin' nightmares about gettin' big scrilla
And that's the type of **** that turn these mama boys to killers
On the realer, it's a ***** comin' back for the streets
Cause this bullshit I been hearin in the rap game is weak
You got these killas on your payroll
I'm doin it out of love
But if you cross me I'm ****in' you up
I keep a ?
I'm a ***** in destroyer mode
I squeeze it once you blow you out of your soul
Who's the "boss" in this rap ****?
I let my opposition judge me
But if push came to shove they couldn't budge me
Cause I'm ugly with styles identical to none
I'm tellin' you
Don't **** with me, *****, I ain't the one

I ain't the one
These *****s better recognize the realest
Keep a loaded .45 inside for protection

I'm a .45 packer, ***** hoe subtractor
blacka blacka blacka
*****, back up!
I'm a bad actor
With no respect for the ***** haters
I kill a ************ stiff cause he's a traitor
I ain't a player
I got my stripes from these streets
I'm a killa
That's probably why at night I can't sleep
I strike a match and watch a ************ burn
That's just treatment ? you ****in' worm
I'm the Don Corleone
y'all *****s is phony
I put that on my mob and my goddamn homies
Recognize *****s who can't be touched
If they can't be seen
I'm a lost ?
Undestroyable by human plagues
You got a strap? I got a strap too!
You **** with me I have to clap you!
And now you stearin' down the barrel of a gun
I told you
Don't **** with me, *****, I ain't the one


This ************ got me bend, I gots to break
Before I shoot this ************ in his face
Cause *****s on the edge don't want to play right
So I'ma lay his *** down in broad daylight
Now what's up, *****, ?
? let me clear this **********in' corner
Mayhem unlike a ***** ever seen
? in his face all in once gettin' clean
I'm dashin in my undercover hoo-doo
(Who you?)
You run up on me? I got's to shoot you!
And you know me
And ain't **** changed but my zip code
Your ?I'm in a flipmode
A tip-top murderer
Comin' for you bullshitters
Squash you **********in' *****s
I ain't the one


Realest *****s Down South, ************s
Don't get that **** twisted
Just them hoes
For all you fake ************s who was talkin' 'bout the first joint
Suck a ***** ****
Fake-*** ho's
Know where started it
Know where started it
Know where started it
Me ?
Lay this ************s down
In broad daylight
*****es be squeezin' they pistols
They want to play fight
Me? I'm the colder
Hit em from the shoulder
Dumper dumper
You ************s talking ****
I drag him on the back of the bumper
? Face to M-o-B and
Can't a ************ see em ?
The new millennium

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 The White Sheet
  • 3 No Tears
  • 4 Jesse James
  • 5 G's
  • 6 I Seen a Man Die
  • 7 One
  • 8 Goin' Down
  • 9 One Time
  • 10 Hand of the Dead Body
  • 11 Mind Playin' Tricks 94
  • 12 The Diary
  • 13 Outro

  • Album Information
    label: Rap-A-Lot Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 724383994625
    script: Latin