Seth Lakeman - Send Yourself Away Lyrics

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Poor as paupers, proud as kings,
We all aim for better things.

That finger, finger of faith comes out and touches me,
It's better, better late than never for honesty,
That sender, go and send yourself another dream.

Go dream, go send yourself away,
Dream, go and dream, go and send yourself away.

Your so tender, tender eyes, release that golden view.
It's simple, simple friendship, flowers are passed to you,
Your picture, picture perfect, pathways are laid for you.


Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Garden of Grace
  • 2 Image of Love
  • 3 April Eyes
  • 4 It's All Your World
  • 5 Send Yourself Away
  • 6 Look Outside Your Window
  • 7 How Much
  • 8 The Punch Bowl
  • 9 Scrumpy's Set
  • 10 Ye Mariners All