Uh Ha Lyrics - Silkk the Shocker

Silkk the Shocker My World, My Way cover art
release date: 2001-2-27
genres: Hip Hop
styles: Crunk/Bass Music
length: 4:09
f/ Short Circuit

[Silkk talking]
Uh come on yall(uh ha), East coast, West coast(uh ha)
South, Midwest(uh ha), uh Shocker, uh ha No Limit, uh ha No Limit(uh ha)
Do yall know what's about to happen here(uh ha)
If yall wit me I want yall to say(uh ha) that's what I thought, look

Ha ha oh yall gonna thank it's funny(uh ha)
Probaly not laugh, when I get some N'Sync type numbers(uh ha)
I ain't got time for bustas who wanna hate right now(uh ha)
I'm quiet, when I shout lets get straight right now(uh ha)
Ice I'm about to melt 'em out(uh ha)
I be rappin' on beats most times just be helpin' 'em out(uh ha)
I'm ghetto,represent them dudes dat go back & fourth to tha pen(uh ha)
Drivin' under pressure like it was fourth & ten(uh ha)
Convince 'em I'm rich really isn't tha problem(uh ha)
I do got paper but look I'm tryna convince 'em I ain't got it(uh ha)
Tha way I live make 'em wanna change they life(uh ha)
Seen my girl make 'em wanna change they wife(uh ha)
I got'em comin' home like girl I don't want you nomo,
I done seen Silkk chick(uh ha)
I don't want this stuff nomo I'm spoiled, I done seen Silkk shit(uh ha)
I don't want dat jewelry nomo, I done seen Silkk wrist(uh ha)
Got even rappers like I don't want dat deal, I done seen what Silkk get
(uh ha)I'ma No limit Soulja you know how we roll here(uh ha)
I'ma four season nigga, I can flow all year(uh ha)
I got'em scratchin' they head lookin' all curious now(uh ha)
They fearin' us now, cause shit done got serious now(uh ha)
Come on

[Chorus 2X: Short Circuit]
If you wit me then wild out(wild out, uh ha)
Turn this place inside out(inside out, uh ha)
They try to stop us then ride out(ride out, uh ha)
We got them thangs, this is my house(my house, uh ha)

[Short Circuit]
Country grammar
New York nigga, two hammers(uh ha)
Straight from tha rock, I pop ya top, nigga can ya(uh ha)
Ice cold,
Cold wit it nice flow(uh ha)
Pipes blow
Rocked up wit a nice glow(uh ha)
Like whoa
It's not a game we ain't playin' nomo'(uh ha)
Everythang we do is serious, Silkk C-E-O(uh ha)
Clothes lines, we moves prime time(uh ha)
Movies, endorsments, we run it bottom line(uh ha)
Ghettto niggas still break laws(uh ha)
Walk around strapped packin' twin four, fours(uh ha)
Niggas gossip like bitches, they ain't ready for war(uh ha)
This ain't a threat, it's a promise, leave you dead on tha floor(uh ha)
Wit your brain on tha wall
Screamin' fuck all yall(uh ha)
Come on son get serious, we did this before(uh ha)
There's a big difference between battle & war(uh ha)
In battle you live, in war you die,your gone(uh ha)


Anybody that thank it's not, look tha money didn't change us(uh ha)
What they should be thankin', look tha money made us dangerous(uh ha)
I always wanted money, I never wanted to be famous(uh ha)
An I don't fuck wit to many entertainers cause they just entertainers
(uh ha)Tha type to act up usually after they jacked(uh ha)
Wanna wild out but usually way after tha fact(uh ha)
Fo' dot half a dozen, you can catch me in dat(uh ha)
I'm a business man so I'm even cool way after tha rap(uh ha)
No Limit whodi, you know I'm banked up(uh ha)
Summer time tank top, winter time I'm manked up(uh ha)
I be's where it's cold but mostly where it's hot(uh ha)
Yall might see sometimes but mostly yall not(uh ha)
I be in tha hills sometimes but mostly upon tha block(uh ha)
Be on tha land sometime but mostly on a yacht(uh ha)
You can catch me in tha hood just passin' out thousands(uh ha)
Probaly by tha Callio & change tha name to Vyshonne King Miller housin'
(uh ha)Oh it ain't my fault, you know I do's my thang(uh ha)
Never gonna change, let me explain(uh ha)
Do like revolvers, don't like rifles, do like teks(uh ha)
Do like four play, don't like talkin', do like sex(uh ha)
I do like Clue, Jam, Capri, do like Flex(uh ha)
I do like cash, don't like credit, but I do like checks(uh ha)
If you know me then you know what's best(uh ha)
Gold, platinum, double platinum, if you can add, you know what's next
(uh ha)


(Uh ha)
(Uh ha)
(Uh ha)
(Uh ha)

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