Who Sang Pennies from Heaven? Skrewdriver

Skrewdriver Hail The New Dawn cover art

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release date: 1984
genres: Rock
styles: Rock & Roll/Hard Rock/Oi/Punk
length: 2:06
I feel like I lost out on a will
No you don't come here
Yes you've got to go there as well
Wait here a minute, but I've been here three hours
My legs are aching 'cos the seats have all gone
Hey you over there, there's a cubicle spare
So come 'ere

Honey, I need money
Money to find my way
I ain't had a bite since Saturday night
And that is now three days

She looked at me like I'm some sort of beggar
You know it's hard to keep your temper at times
You don't know what to pay 'cos
Your being out of work is a crime, yes a crime.
We decided after thinking, your career is sinking
So we'll offer you a twenty a week
Who was it that said, it was the Bible I read
Said the ones that inherit are meek

(Repeat Chorus)

One minute I'm in Camden, the next I'm in Eusson
Then they send me back to Kentish Town
I've completed lap two, there's a hole in my shoe
And I'm down, yes I'm down
It's been such an ordeal, and the way that I feel
When I get a letter next day
Saying there's something down here, that we need to clear up
And if you don't come, you don't get paid

(Repeat Chorus) x2

12" Vinyl 1
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  • Album Information
    label: Rock-O-Rama Records
    country(area): Germany
    format: 12" Vinyl
    script: Latin