Smash Mouth - Fallen Horses Lyrics

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A long summers day,
Stetching out the cold
Searching for the answers,
And some say I'm not alone
Could you tell me
Where I might find
Fallen horses?
Their spirits they fly .

Blinded by the whiteness,
Staring at the sun,
I'm wishing that I had wings
So that I could become one.
Would you help me
If I wanted to die?
I could ride off
With horses tonight.

Tell me why!
Why oh why?
I said why.
Why oh why?

Now that I've arrived here ,
I know I'm not alone.

All my friends among me
Tell me welcome home.
But could you tell me
Where I might find
The one I'm looking for?
'Cause her wings have arrived.


Track Listing
CD 1
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  • 3 I Just Wanna See
  • 4 Waste
  • 5 All Star
  • 6 Satellite
  • 7 Radio
  • 8 Stoned
  • 9 Then the Morning Comes
  • 10 Road Man
  • 11 Fallen Horses
  • 12 Defeat You
  • 13 Come On Come On
  • 14 Home
  • 15 Can’t Get Enough of You Baby