Sodom - Hey, Hey, Hey Rock 'n' Roll Star 歌詞

I wanna be a rock'n roll star
I wanna be the one who plays an ace guitar
In every town I want to get me drinks for free
And thousand girls will cry when I have to leave

Hey, Hey, Hey, rock'n roll star

I wann abe the one with preference to fuck
A heavy metal gentleman rising out of ruck
I am so nimble fingered, rubbing strings so fast
Also between your maiden girlfriend's legs

I'll surely never get reduced to penury
Like a poor wretch who's rock'n rolling in money
My childhood dreams, now reality
Until another bastard gets bigger than me

CD 1
  • 1 Frozen Screams
  • 2 Fuck the Police
  • 3 Gisela
  • 4 That’s What an Unknown Killer Diarized
  • 5 Hanging Judge
  • 6 No Way Out
  • 7 Polytoximaniac
  • 8 ’Til Death Do Us Unite
  • 9 Hazy Shade of Winter
  • 10 Suicidal Justice
  • 11 Wander in the Valley
  • 12 Sow the Seeds of Discord
  • 13 Master of Disguise
  • 14 Schwerter zu Pflugscharen
  • 15 Hey, Hey, Hey Rock ’n’ Roll Star