Ya Heard Me Lyrics - Soulja Slim

publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Ultra Tunes, Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Dwayne Carter, Andre Lyon, Marcello Antonio Valenzano, Christopher Dorsey, Faheem Najm, Eddie Montilla
release date:
genres: Hip Hop
styles: Thug Rap/Gangsta
length: 4:08

(Slim talking)
Gimme a cigarette mane
Gimme a hump. An ol' penitentary hump
Camou'd Down. Ya know I'm penitentary

I'm A real ***** you love to soulja hate, ya heard me
I beat the game and balled in '98, ya heard me
You like the Benz, then **** it, I navigate, ya heard me
You lay down the law, then I regulate, ya heard me
I spread the whole world with some soulja love, ya heard me
And I done negoticated with some thugs, ya heard me
I had to let 'em know bout who run ****, ya heard me
Was bout to be some ol', pull out the gun ****, ya heard me
I tried to dump the game but I'm still affiliated with it, ya heard me
If you want it, I got it, come and get it, ya heard me
One thing for sure, I ain't to be bullshitted, ya heard me
Labeled one of the Boss *****s in my city, ya heard me
Them hoes say I think I'm all that, ya heard me
I say "I ain't that same ol' ***** from way back", ya heard me
I'm A Tank Dogg, now I'm a nationwide artist, ya heard me
So Boss *****es be my only target, ya heard me
Got to get that ghetto ***** hea and there, ya heard me
Keep it in the game for the coming up millionaiares, ya heard me
She's a boss *****, she the boss *****, i done had her, ya heard me
Pass that ba'dussy to Trenitty and let 'em stab her, ya heard me
When you finish don't pass the ***** back to me, ya heard me
Cause I'm a toss that ho to the whole U.P.T., ya heard me
Keep me undercover, she workin wit somethin
you know how we do it ya heard me
These wannabe ballers pop bubble gum game and ****
so I can chew it ya heard me
These *****s know game gone recognize game, ya heard me
He like hearing himself talk
bout to **** around and get his *** scorched ya heard me
Bruise blocks and my *****es fill em wit bullet wholes ya heard me
Catch ya gettin yo shine on and put that **** on froze, ya heard me
My army be on all ten toes, ya heard me
Be bout to draw down (BLAWW!!) when the wind blows, ya heard me
That's how *****s I **** wit be, ya heard me
In the process of ballin, ain't a damn thing sweet, ya heard me
I'm A give the game the way it was gave to me, ya heard me
When I first jumped off the porch, way back in the 'G, ya heard me
Remember moms use to serve em two for three, ya heard me
When Roy Lee busted open Willow Street, ya heard me
Now, I don't **** around with the ****-around *****s
when they **** around ya heard me
Drop it like it's hotter
men done double crossed, and ducked around ya heard me
These *****s be asking too many mutha****ing questions ya heard me
You a grown boy now, make your own suggestions, ya heard me
You A Hot Boy? No I'm not boy
I'm a convicted felon (No, I'm not), ya heard me
Three times loser elgible for the triple bailing, ya heard me
So **** you, and how you feel 'bout my situation, ya heard me
The world revolves around nothing but soulja hating, ya heard me
My *****s be tweeking when they want to hear some of this real ****, ya heard me
That camouflaged in the dark is making a ***** kill ****, ya heard me
Now tell me the **** you know that i was coming, ya heard me
Or I'm from Uptown so I love stunting, ya heard me
You got me ****ed up with my people though, ya heard me
No matter how we coming we creepin low, ya heard me
Ain't nothing under a 4 4, ya heard me
Uptown *****s got artillery fa sho, ya heard me
I said I'm just running it to ya soulja to soulja, ya heard me
**** no a ***** ain't made me change my name to Soulja, ya heard me
From Magnolia to Soulja Slim was a power move, ya heard me
I'm a real soulja, now I done paid my dues, ya heard me
I'm like a veteran, I sit back in a rocking chair, ya heard me
Put it out on paper with the smell of doulshia in the air, ya heard me
I said I'm a holler at ya'll later in the game, ya heard me
Stay away from that dope playa, and stack yo change, ya heard me
I said I'm a holler at ya'll later in the game, ya heard me
Stay away from that dope playa, and stack yo change, ya heard me

(Slim talking):
(NA NA NA NA)To all the dope fiend type *****s
(Ride or die die die) Weed Smoke *****s
(What you think about this) Just ride
Uncut (Uncut), No commercial (Right chea *****)
No what I'm saying, no chorus (Spit game like that
*****) We just done it like that. Ya Heard Me ?
(What Cha Think ***** ?) Ya Understand ?
(Mutha**** how you feel *****, This shits on the real
*****)Betta respect the tank ***** !
(Wha Wha Wha Wha) (Now Wha wha wha) That ***** Ke'Noe
done this here, that ***** a fool for this ***** here
I like that ****. Just ride *****.
Sis Co fa sho *****. Cutthroat Committy for the throat *****s
And we want the ****ing money bags, Ya Heard Me

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  • 17 Ya Heard Me
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