Spoken - Home Lyrics

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What happened yesterday
When your heart gave way?
No air inside, no eyes to see your way
Life on earth is gone
Today you're holding on to the hand of God
Finally you're truly alive now
You've made it home
Did you fall upon your knees?
Tell me could you speak of anything
When he took your hand
When he wiped your tears away?
Tell me, did he speak?
One day we will see you, we will hear you (voice of life)
One day, we will all come home
And we will finally be alive
Finally you've made it home

Track Listing
  • 1 September
  • 2 Wind in My Sails
  • 3 Love in Return
  • 4 Everything Is Burning
  • 5 1992
  • 6 Last Chance to Breathe
  • 7 Bitter Taste (feat. Cory Putman of Norma Jean)
  • 8 From the Inside
  • 9 Home
  • 10 4th Street
  • 11 Time After Time
  • 12 You're Still Waiting