What a Shame About Me Lyrics - Steely Dan

Steely Dan Two Against Nature cover art
release date: 2000-2-29
genres: Jazz Rock Pop
styles: Alternative Rock/Folk Rock/Pop Rock/Classic Rock
length: 5:20
piano: Donald Fagen
lead vocals: Donald Fagen
trumpet: Michael Leonhart
Rhodes piano: Donald Fagen
background vocals: Michael Harvey, Cynthia Calhoun and Carolyn Leonhart
electric bass guitar: Walter Becker
guitar: Walter Becker
percussion: Gordon Gottlieb
tenor saxophone: Lou Marini
trombone: Jim Pugh
baritone saxophone: Roger Rosenberg
drums (drum set): Michael White
writer: Walter Becker, Donald Fagen
I was grinding through my day gig
Stackin’ cutouts at the strand
When in walks franny from nyu
We were quite an item back then
We talked about her films and shows and cds
And I don’t know what else
She said, yeah, hollywood’s been good to me
But tell me - how about yourself

I’m still working on that novel
But I’m just about to quit
’cause I’m worrying about the future now
Or maybe this is it
It’s not all that I thought it would be
What a shame about me

She said, talk to me, do you ever see
Anybody else from our old crew
Bobby dakine won the bunsen prize
Now he’s coming out with something new
Alan owns a chain of steamer heavens
And barry is the software king
And somebody told me in the early 80’s
You were gonna be the next big thing

Well now that was just a rumor
But I guess I’m doin’ fine
Three weeks out of the rehab
Living one day at a time
Sneaking up on the new century
What a shame about me

What a shame about me
I’m thinking of a major jane street sunrise
And the goddess on the fire escape was you

We both ran out of small talk
The connection seemed to go dead
I was about to say, hey, have a nice life
When she touched my hand and said:
You know I just had this great idea
This could be very cool
Why don’t we grab a cab to my hotel
And make believe we’re back at our old school

I said babe you look delicious
And you’re standing very close
But like this is lower broadway
And you’re talking to a ghost
Take a good look it’s easy to see
What a shame about me
What a shame about me

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