Stevie Nicks - I Sing for the Things Lyrics

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You say I have everything
Well I'm living on dreams and chains
But I sing for the things money can't buy

You say you don't believe
Well could you just look at me
Look deep into my eyes my love
Well have you ever been in love
Have you touched the soul of someone
Did the fear inside you make you turn and run

I'll take off my cape for you
I'll take down my hair for you
Anything you want me to do my love
Well, I'll sit home and wait for you
Oh darling there's nothing that I'd rather do

Anything you want me to do my love
Make you turn and run away from me
Oh, she said anything baby

Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 I Can’t Wait
  • 2 Rock a Little (Go Ahead Lily)
  • 3 Sister Honey
  • 4 I Sing for the Things
  • 5 Imperial Hotel
  • 6 Some Become Strangers
  • 7 Talk to Me
  • 8 The Nightmare
  • 9 If I Were You
  • 10 No Spoken Word
  • 11 Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You?