Who Sang Iron Mic? Sugar Ray

Sugar Ray Lemonade and Brownies cover art
publisher: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
writers: Charles Stanton Frazier, Joseph Mcginty "mcg" Nichol, Mark Mcgrath, Mark Sayers Mcgrath, Matthew Murphy Karges, Murphy Karges, Rodney Sheppard, Stan Frazier
release date: 1995-4-11
length: 4:41
producer: McG
mixer: Jason Roberts
engineer: Ben Wallach
writer: Sugar Ray
He was the heavyweight king at the age of 21
From the streets of New York where they're all called mean
He never had no mom, never had no dad
His aunt and Constantine D'Amato was all he ever had

But he found his pot of gold consequently came Given's
When they broke up it was him that was givings
And we'd like to build him up but we love to see him fall
Finally taken down by your hooker by the jaw

I said you gotta set him free [Repeat: x 4]
When push comes to shove (kick ***) [Repeat: x 3]
When push comes to shove and we stand him up

All my life seem to been bad man

It was a battle of brains, a battle of wit
So my man got his man skilled Alan Dershowitz
But he left him out to dry, the judge was a fool
Using this case as publicity tool

So it's off to cell to meet the prison staff
The first thing they do they want his autograph
And I just laugh cause he suffered the wrath
Now the man added time to his liberty path


I heard he gets a lot of visits, still he's got no family
But he gets a lot of love from the kids in Jodeci
What does he raise our sons kid on our new T.V
Same name but you don't look similar to me

But that's another story, I'm gettin' off track
But when he gets out I think you better watch your back
I said now when he gets out I think you better watch your back
You might find yourself kid tagged inside


Kick *** [DJ scratching this line variously]

I say they gotta set him free [Repeat: x 3]
I gotta set that mother ****er free


CD 1
  • 1 Snug Harbor
  • 2 Rhyme Stealer
  • 3 Iron Mic
  • 4 Hold Your Eyes
  • 5 The Greatest
  • 6 Big Black Woman
  • 7 Mean Machine
  • 8 Dance Party U.S.A.
  • 9 10 Seconds Down
  • 10 Danzig Needs a Hug
  • 11 Drive By
  • 12 Caboose
  • 13 Scuzzboots
  • 14 Streaker