Who Sang Scuzzboots? Sugar Ray

Sugar Ray Lemonade and Brownies cover art
publisher: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Stan Frazier, Murphy Karges, Mark Mcgrath, Rodney Sheppard, Joseph Mcginty "mcg" Nichol, Leor Dimant, Michael Henderson, Ray Erskine, Jr. Parker
release date: 1995-4-11
length: 3:30
producer: McG
mixer: Jason Roberts
engineer: Ben Wallach
writer: Sugar Ray
Yeah, sit right on down
People can talk all day
Somethin' missin' in our relationship
This is the story of the scuzzboots

Do do do do do [Repeat: 4X]

Call you on the telephone
Supposing that your not alone
People talking all around
Seein' that you can't be found

You say your never really satisfied it's not enough it's never enough [Repeat: 2X]
Tell the truth, to find another lover...[Repeat: 2X]
Finding it hard, I'm finding it harder [Repeat: 2X]

The room is kinda dark at night
Use to have you by my side
Seems the more I gave to you (just wasn't enough)
Kept us from being true

[Chorus: ]

Tell the truth, to find another lover...
Finding it hard, I'm finding it harder [Repeat-intertwine to fade]

CD 1
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  • 2 Rhyme Stealer
  • 3 Iron Mic
  • 4 Hold Your Eyes
  • 5 The Greatest
  • 6 Big Black Woman
  • 7 Mean Machine
  • 8 Dance Party U.S.A.
  • 9 10 Seconds Down
  • 10 Danzig Needs a Hug
  • 11 Drive By
  • 12 Caboose
  • 13 Scuzzboots
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