Swan Lee - Enter Lyrics

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When you are old and tired, and sickness breeds in you, I hope you forget me
Then, forget what I've done to you.
You were my only friend.
Then I was half alive.
That's more than I could ever ask, but I took your trust and ruined you.
If you were here with me in this room, I'd stand right in front of you, and
Beg you to forget, I was ever inside you.
You were the only thing I ever owned, worth anything at all, and still I
Took your heart and held it and turned it to stone.
When you are sick and tired, and you're confined to your memory, throw me
Out of your mind:
I've been turned to stone.

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Flowers in the Wintertime
  • 2 Go On
  • 3 Enter
  • 4 Stay Tonight
  • 5 Walk With Me
  • 6 Tomorrow Never Dies
  • 7 You Cannot Hide
  • 8 Dream Away
  • 9 Stay
  • 10 When You Are Gone