T-Bone - Drunk In Tha Spirit Lyrics

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Once again I gotta grab the mic and start to be the funk an
I don't know what happenin but I'm feelin kinda drunk in
The spirit, and I aint talkin bout no type of liquor
The Holy Ghost is the one that gets me drunk much quicker
So let me go head and grab the mic and flow
Wit a drunkin type of the style that you aint heard in a while
Cause I be into doin brand new things
I bring the style and Muffler bring the jazzy swing
Like the one that you be hearin in the back ground
Our styles like a Mona and whole strickly underground
But we be kickin these styles for a purpose
Never repeat myself and say them lyrics that be worthless
Cause I be talkin bout the Great I Am, my saviour
The one who get's me drunk constently
I should be arrested for be under the influence of the Word
Spiritualy hung over got me throwin up by the curb
And now the devil wants to make me walk the line
But I'll punch him in the lip, and take anothe sip
Cause, only when you're drunk in the Spirit
You can find T-Bone staggerin wit the funny sway
Cause only when you're drunk in the Spirit
Loddy Da, Laddy Di Di Doddy Dae
I don't know how to explain how I feel, my mind is goin round and round
All I know is that I'm about to fall and hit the ground
Cause my body keeps swayin like a boat, it wont stay still
I'm feelin totaly dizzy, the room is spinnin like a windmill
It all started when the Pastor laid his hands on me
He said, "there it goes right through ya"
It made my mind go boo ya
So here I am in the studio drunk like a wyno
Filled wit the Holy Ghost so I be feelin totaly fine yo
Loddy da, it makes me wanna sing
About the joy He brings when I do my rappin thing
The way I feel right now, I wish you all could feel the
Power of the Spirit thats more stronger then tequilla
Cause nothin compares to this Holy Ghost drunkness
The way that I feel right now, it makes me wonder how
God could have the power to make a man feel this way
So pass me the Holy wine, cause I don't drink no tangeray