Tahiti 80 - Come Around Lyrics

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What have I gone and done?
I guess it didn’t take me too long
I must have been blinded by the sunshine
Now I’ve got shivers up my spine
And the cocktails took their toll
I almost drowned in the punchbowl
I made a fool of myself
I wish I was somebody else

Won’t you come around
I wanna hold you
Won’t you come around
I’m dying to see you
Wish I could find a way to say I’m sorry now
Instead of feeling sorry for myself
Won’t you come around

It’s hard to stand on this sandy ground
It’s like I’m walking on a merry-go-round
I know why you’re mad at me
And I know it’s not temporary
Tonite I will climb over your bungalow wall
I don’t care what happens if I fall
Just to make things right with you
You know that’s all I want to do


I’m not sure I can stand it if you change your mind
I don’t think I can wait if you need some more time
Oh won’t you come around
What goes around, comes around

-Hi Zav, What’s going on?
-Hey Tim
You know everything was perfect now I’ve said something stupid, she won’t even talk to me. What should I do?
-Man, you gotta get over there and tell her you love her
-You think so?
-Alright man, sorry I gotta go, right now


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