Who Sang Don't Tell Me? Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal Phantom Blues cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Pat Mclaughlin
release date: 1996-2-27
genres: Blues
length: 3:49
producer: John Porter
membranophone: Tony Braunagel
lead vocals: Taj Mahal
trumpet: Darrell Leonard
engineer: Joe McGrath
bass: Larry Fulcher
background vocals: Sweet Pea Atkinson, Terrence Forsythe and Harry Bowens
organ: Mick Weaver
guitar: Dean Parks
percussion: Tony Braunagel
Wurlitzer electric piano: Jon Cleary
tenor saxophone: Joe Sublett
Girl, where'd you get that frown?
Don't tell me baby
And who would let you down?
Don't tell me baby, come on now

We've been talkin' bout
The same old things like whether
We'd be worrying about
It if we were together, yeah

And who woulda broke your heart?
Don't tell me, baby
About well my favorite part
Don't tell me baby, child

In the time it takes for you to think it over, yeah
I'll be closer than the seat belt on your shoulder
So, won't you come on over, girl?

I'm a repo man, it's sad but I'll have to do
You know I know girl, you can't keep me guessing
It's the same old plan but your name's been engraved in blue
You know my way girl, I've learned my lesson

Girl, I can see you cry
Don't tell me baby
And girl, if you must confide
Don't tell me baby, closer

In the time it takes for you to think it over
I'll be closer than the sequins on your shoulder
But won't you think it over, girl

Don't tell me baby
Don't tell me baby
Don't tell me baby, girl

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