Take 6 - Grandma's Hands Lyrics

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Grandma's hands... (grandma's hands)
Grandma's hands
Clapped in church each Sunday mornin'
Grandma's hands
Played the tambourine so well (so well)
Grandma's hands
Used to issue vital warnings
She'd say:
Joey don't you run so fast (Joey don't you run so fast)
Might fall on a piece of glass (Oh my my)
Might be snakes there in that grass (Oh yea)
Grandma's hands (Grandma's hands)
Oh oh, oh oh oh
Grandma's hands (Grandma's hands)
Grandma's hands
Soothed the locals and their mothers (Shaa-doop)
Grandma's hands
Used to ache sometimes and swell (Shaa-doop)
Grandma's hands
Used to lift her face and tell her
She'd say:
Baby, grandma understands (Oh mama)
That you really love that man
Put yourself in Jesus's hands
Grandma's hands (Grandma hands)
Grandma's hands (Grandma's ha-ha-ha-hands)
*Saxophone melody, chorus "sha-doop" harmony*
Grandma's hands (Grandma's hands
Grandma's hands (Grandma's ha-hands)
Grandma's hands (Grandma's hands)
Used to hand me a piece of candy
Grandma's hands
Picked me up each time I fell (Baaa-doop)
Grandma's hands
Boy, they really come in handy
She'd say:
Millie, don't you whip that boy
What you wanna spank him for (what you wanna spank him for)
Didn't drop no apple core
But I don't have Grandma's hands no more
And when I get to Heaven... *holds while main singer continues*
If I get to Heaven, *end hold*
I'll look for Grandma's hands (Grandma's hands)
Oh oh oh oh oooooh, yeah yeah
Grandma's hands...*outro.*

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