Georgia Tom & Tampa Red - That Duck's Yas Yas Yas Lyrics

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Mama bought a rooster, she thought it was a duck
She brought him to the table with his legs straight up
In came the children with a cup and a glass
To catch the licker from the yas-yas-yas

Babe oh babe, have you ever been to Spain
These old voodoo wimmen shakin' their thing
They got rings on their fingers, bells on their toes
What they got, baby, nobody knows

I'm goin' down, Market Street
Where the men and wimmen all do meet
That's where the men do the Georgia Rub
The wimmen fall in line with a big white tub

Me and my gal walkin' down the street
She caught the rheumatism in her feet
She stooped over to pick some grass
And the same thing struck 'r in the yas-yas-yas

You catch the train you call "Forty Nine"
Carries you down to Caroline
You catch the train you call "Forty Eight"
Takes you right in to the Golden Gate

You shake your shoulders, you shake 'em fast
You can't shake your shoulders shake your yas-yas-yas
Drink some rooster soup before goin' to bed
Wake up in the mornin' find your own self dead

Down on Morgan there's a good location
Right there next to a gasoline station
That's where you get your cars oiled and greased
Wimmen cryin' "Honey won't you come in please"

I'm goin' to sing this verse, ain't gonna sing no mo'
Somebody's knockin' on my do'
The people upstairs have gone to bed
I better stop that noise 'fore they crash my head