Tanya Tucker - What If We Were Running Out of Love Lyrics

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Everybody's wondering how this world will get around
Now that we're all running out of gas
But me, I'm kinda happy that this world is slowing down
Seems to me we were moving much too fast

Now folks are gonna have to slow it down
But that won't stop this world from going round
Well I could think of a whole lot worse of things to be out of
What if we were running out of love?

Now everybody's thinking that this world will fall apart
If we ain't got no fuel to feed the flame
What if we all lost the love we used to fill our hearts
Seems to me life wouldn't be the same


Now everybody's wondering just how cold it's gonna get
And how they're gonna keep each other warm
The simplest solution to the problem I've seen yet
Is cuddle up with someone in your arms


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