Who Sang Worst Enemy? Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne Absolute Power cover art
writers: Aaron Yates, R Armstrong
release date: 2002-9-24
genres: Hip Hop
length: 2:39
producer: RUBONYX
I'ma tell y'all a lil' story man, yaknahm'sayin?
Yo this is a song about, somebody who did me wrong dawg
I thought you was my homie man I guess not
**** it

You was supposed to be my, dawg
Homie when I first met you what was told to me was, fraud
What a shocker, and imposter, I've been crossed, I lost ya
My best friend turned out to be an enemy, that's endin' me
Hidden, no sympathy, no empathy either, homie I never denied ya
Nuttin' that you wanted - women? I never playa-hated
I hooked you up, booked you up from the beginning
This enemy had love for you, shared blood for ya
When ya wanted to dig I dug for ya *****
But you a double-crosser, nasty hand-tosser
I shoulda known you was evil when ya told me you was cool
For we could be sex fools when we under the steeple, the retrieval
I'm tryna get my life back
No more stoppin' women from puttin' a knife at ya cap
Remember when we was kickin' it, *****es was givin' it everyday
We did it in every way, but the respect went away
You got a mind of your own now
You're grown now, can I ask you a question?
Did you forget we kinfolks *****, we the same complexion?
I'm stressin' you was always in front of me so I listened
Everyday you wanted me on a mission
I even let you have sex with my lady like a G
Infatuated with you and not me
I sucked it up, I got back wit her, you ****ed it up
By lettin her know I was creepin around, with every chick in the town, Buster!
I shoulda known not to trust ya
Listen I'm losin' my life because of you!
I lost my life because of you! I'm losin my wife because of you!
I even had sex and a baby with the crazy ***** you introduced me to!
Now I'm straight depressed, I hate your flesh
But fate was just, belate to Tech, laid to rest
Every time you got drawers, you made my poor little life fall
***** ya got balls you ain't never had a partner like me
Real, I never ever sold ya pipe dreams
Personal yes it might seem, ***** when you was burnin'
I went to get the doctor's side cleaned
Looked out for ya health, and this is the respect I get?
Hater, ya neck I'll slit, but I cain't 'cause I'm attached to ya
And I don't know why, sometimes I wish you would just die
That would eliminate all this hurt
Maybe I could get up outta all this dirt, ya caused me
So strong, nothing could stop you, not even cerebral palsy
I can't believe it; my best homie turned on me
You musta forgot we grew up together
I'm through, life is over now, there's nothin' else to do
Point the finger and blame it on you

(It's all because of you, you, you)
I lost my girl, my world, is upside down because I found you wasn't ****
(It's all because of you, you, you)
Broke us in two, you untrue, don't know what to do, I'm talkin' to you (who?)
My ****

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  • 2 The Industry Is Punks
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