Who Sang Seven? Ten Foot Pole

Ten Foot Pole Insider cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Dennis Steven Jagard, Glen Alexander Murray, Steven Thomas Carnan, Tony Palermo
release date: 1999-1-12
genres: Rock
styles: Alternative Rock/Punk/Indie Rock
length: 2:58
producer: Ten Foot Pole and Ryan Greene
mixer: Ryan Greene
engineer: Ryan Greene
additional engineer: Adam Krammer
assistant engineer: Adam Krammer
composer: Dennis Jagard, Glen Murray
lyricist: Dennis Jagard
Father please take me back,
I don't fit in with these cruel earthlings,
I've done my time please take me home,
I was five, I was bad,
You sent me here erased my memory,
Babysitter washed my mouth with soap,
I was ten,
Had no friends,
The teacher hit me with a paddle,
The neighbors ate my little dog Ralph,
Father please take me back I don't fit in with these cruel earthlings
I've done my time please take me home
Please fly your spaceship out and beam me up
Don't leave me down here I'll be so good from now,
I had a girl,
She took her clothes off with my best friend,
I didn't know till they told me on TV,
I was mad,
My brother shot my favorite bird,
Everywhere I go they laugh at me

  • 1 The Getaway
  • 2 Hammering Out the Details
  • 3 Another Half Apology
  • 4 This Is but a Test
  • 5 Another Year Goes By
  • 6 Nothing to Lose
  • 7 I Got Your Letter
  • 8 Officer I Swear She's 19
  • 9 Still Knee Deep
  • 10 Late at Night
  • 11 I Won't Complain Today
  • 12 Seven