Tenacious D - One Note Song Lyrics

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KG: Jack, do you think some people... do you think that there's some people that are, really, are actually robots, living among us-
JB: No.
KG: That we can't tell.
JB: No, we don't have the technology yet. But Rage, Rage, Rage
KG: Yeah, yeah.
JB: You know what I was thinking? Stop playing. I was thinking of a ****ing brilliant song. Check it out, just do what I do. Just play this note. Then we both just kee- keep playing this note. Every once in a while bend it. And that's it. And just remember who wrote that song. Me, baby, me. See, its ****ing simple. That's one song in the bank. Next song.
KG: Is that...
JB: Next song!
KG: How co... But its one note-
JB: Next!
KG: Anybody could have wrote it. Anybody could have done it. One song.
JB: Yeah, but guess who did write it. Me!
KG: Yeah, but, did you wri- listen.
JB: Dude, I did! I told you to do the bending every once in a while!
KG: Oh yeah, you did.
JB: Woohoo! I win!
KG: ****!
JB: I win, one to nothing!

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Kielbasa
  • 2 One Note Song
  • 3 Tribute
  • 4 Wonderboy
  • 5 Hard Fucking
  • 6 Fuck Her Gently
  • 7 Explosivo
  • 8 Dio
  • 9 Inward Singing
  • 10 Kyle Quit the Band
  • 11 The Road
  • 12 Cock Pushups
  • 13 Lee
  • 14 Friendship Test
  • 15 Friendship
  • 16 Karate Schnitzel
  • 17 Karate
  • 18 Rock Your Socks
  • 19 Drive‚ÄźThru
  • 20 Double Team
  • 21 City Hall / Malibu Nights